Monday, November 13, 2017

Jose Martínez, tuba, Receives Tenure with National Orchestra of Spain

After a successful audition in January 2017, Jose Martínez was recently granted tenure as the Principal Tuba player of the National Orchestra of Spain. The orchestra makes its home at the National Auditorium of Music in Madrid where it performs the majority of its concerts.
In addition, the ensemble occasionally presents concerts all around Spain and abroad, including tours to Switzerland, Italy, Slovenia, and South Korea during the 2017-2018 season. Martínez is thankful for the occasional guidance and support received from Alan Baer, Anne Jelle Visser, Chris Olka, Dennis Nulty, Don Lucas, Floyd Cooley, Ingemar Roos, Jimmy Olsson, Ramiro Tejero, Randy Hawes, Sergio Carolino, Toby Oft and credits a great deal of progress to summer studies at Tanglewood, Music Academy of the West and the University of Redlands. He will forever be indebted to Mike Roylance, Gene Pokorny, Morten Agerup and Sergio Finca, his greatest influences. During his years of full-time study in the USA, Martínez was a member of the Civic Orchestra of Chicago and was fortunate to perform as guest with the Boston Symphony and Pops, Chicago Symphony, Minnesota Orchestra, New York Philharmonic, and the Saint Louis Symphony. Martínez is currently completing a doctorate at Boston University College of Fine Arts.

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